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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains how to collect and use your personal data. It also mentions procedures to ensure the privacy of browser information. Finally, this policy sets out your options for collecting, using, and disclosing personal data. By visiting the Site, you agree to the applications detailed in this Policy. Loya pays great attention to his visitors' information. Therefore, your name and other information relating to you is used in accordance with the privacy policy. We will collect information when necessary or if it is directly relevant to our transactions with you.

We will retain your data if we are required to use the law or use it for the purposes for which it was collected.

Data we collect

We may need to collect your information if you want to register a purchase order for a commodity from our site.

We collect data for other contingencies to secure any potential claims that may arise later, and to provide you with our services. For example, name, gender, birth date, email address, mailing address, delivery address (if different), phone number, mobile number, fax number, payment details, details of payment cards or details of bank account.

The information you provide is used to provide you with information about the products and services available to us and which you request, to verify your online transactions and to manage your own account. This information is also used in checking the loading of data from the site, identifying the visitors of the site, and developing the designs of the pages of the site and / or its contents and allocation to users. We do many demographic research, and send useful or required information to the user. Email communication is provided to provide you with some details about other products and services if you wish, and if you prefer not to receive any promotional and marketing communications, please opt out of this option at any time.

Your name and address may be given to a third party in order to deliver your purchase order (for example, the delivery agent or supplier).

You may be contacted on your phone number to inform you of any updates regarding the status of your order or any announcement of our latest promotions and promotions.

Our agent manages financial transactions online. What you need to do is to provide accurate and non-misleading information to the agent or website, and you should always update it and inform us of the changes.

We may be able to store the details of your current claim on our site but we can not withdraw it directly for security reasons. By logging in to your account on the site, you can see the information and details of your purchases that you have requested or will soon submit. You can also manage the details of your address, bank details and any newsletter you've subscribed to. You should also pledge to be treated with strict confidentiality when you access your personal data and make it available to an unauthorized third party. We can not access this information for any liability resulting from misuse of passwords unless such misuse is caused by an error.


We use appropriate security techniques and procedures to prevent unauthorized, illegal or unauthorized access to, loss or destruction of your information. When we collect data through the site, we store your personal information on a database within a secure e-mail server. We use firewall systems on our servers. When we collect payment details electronically, we protect them by using encryption, such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It is therefore difficult for any intruder to decrypt your information since we can not guarantee 100% protection. We strongly recommend that you do not send full credit or debit card details when you communicate with us electronically and without encryption. We provide physical and electronic guarantees and direct procedures for the collection or disclosure of your information. Our security procedures require that we sometimes ask you to verify your identity before we disclose your personal information to you. It is your responsibility to protect your password and computer from any unauthorized access.


When you send data to us, our agents, or the site, you agree to use us for your information as described in this Privacy Policy to verify your identity.

Your rights

If you are concerned about your data, you have the right to request access to personal data that we carry on you or previously transmitted to us. You may ask us to correct any errors in your personal data and this is free of charge. You have the right to call us, at any time, through our contact page